Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not Good

Last night, I was feeling a little off in the belly. It could have been what I had for lunch, or what I had for dinner. As the night progressed, I felt worse. I'd get all bloated and then release a belch that would make Homer Simpson proud.

Sadly, Brother was at work, and did not witness some of those record-breaking belches. He would have been impressed.

My sleep was uneasy as when I began to feel uncomfortable, I'd have to get up and burp. Sort of like pushing the release valve when pressure gets too high.

I thought that maybe if I could throw up whatever was in my stomach, I would feel better. I never could make myself throw up. I'd do poorly as a bulimic.

Today, I'm not getting the pressure buildup, but my stomach hurts, and I feel lousy.

I'm scheduled to work tonight, but I really, really don't want to call in.

What are the chances I would get sick before my birthday? Well, with my luck, I'd say pretty good.

Here's hoping it's a 24 hour thing...


Butchie said...

Your comment at Kim Kardashian's blog made me LOLOLOLOLOL!

K2 said...

I hope you feel better! Love you!

Spyder said...

Feeling better I hope?

Let me know the schedule for Friday. Or maybe we could do lunch Friday. I'm off.