Thursday, March 20, 2008

Updates on Toilet Lady

The boyfriend of Toilet Lady will be charged for letting her homestead on the toilet for an unnatural amount of time. He says maybe two years, smart folks estimate at least a month. Either way, that's too much time to be riding the porcelain bus.

The dude has to be mentally retarded. He just has to be.

She's still in the hospital, and according to reports, she may spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair due to nerve damage.

Meanwhile, coworkers and myself wait in fear of the word that she is going to be transferred to us. Mostly because other hospitals like to dump their crappiest patients onto my facility. Having a good rep for handling the toughest cases can be a double-edged sword.

On a side note, how funny (and ironic) is it that the sheriff's last name is Whipple??


K2 said...

How does she get a boyfriend? Explain that to me.

Anonymous said...

I know I will end up like this lady someday, except without the boyfriend.

I am new to your blog and I just want to say hi after reading a couple of months of archives (I'm a stalker like that sometimes), because you rock and you should be aware of that crucial fact. Also, I don't watch Lost either. I thought you should know.