Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Bastard Holiday Known as Thanksgiving

When I was a kid, you celebrated holidays in chronological order. Halloween filled with costumes, candy and whatnot. Then, you moved on to Thanksgiving, which really isn't a big deal when you are kid...just an excuse for the entire family to come over for dinner. Then, you moved on to big finish of the year...Christmas.

You didn't go and fuck things up by putting up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving!!!

I personally like Thanksgiving. I like having the family together for a big meal. It used to be, you didn't need an excuse to get the family together for dinner, you just did. Now, in the era of fast food and frozen dinners, various meetings and whatnot, families don't eat together...unless it's a holiday. Or sitting in the living room, watching some crappy reality show, while eating KFC.

So even though Thanksgiving is now viewed by a lot of people as the precursor to the Black Friday Sales, I want to wish everyone out there a big happy Turkey Day. Eat your turkey. Enjoy your family. Rejoice in the origins of the holiday and hug an Indian (foreign or domestic).

And stay away from Aunt Lois' green bean casserole. If the dog won't eat it, it's probably not safe for human consumption.

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bobbie said...

Happy Turkey Day to you, too! I'm thankful for bloggers like you who make me laugh ~