Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nurse Follies: A Dog Named Doctor

Sometimes, I think it would be a swell idea to get another dog and name him Doctor.

Then, I can go home after a bad night at work and kick the Doctor.

I can lock the Doctor up in a cage.

I can dress the Doctor up in a bumble bee costume and point and laugh. Or I can take him to the groomer for the most ridiculous haircut, only to take him to the dog park so other people can point and laugh at the Doctor.

I can leer at the Doctor and tell him that he's really, really dumb. The Doctor would just lick his own ass to prove my point.

I can feed the Doctor food that smells like ass and tastes even worse.

However, I like dogs better than I like most people. No dog deserves to be treated that way.

So, instead I will stick with the voodoo dolls.


Donna said...

Bad day, huh?

bobbie said...

I remember feeling that way!!! What's the difference between a toilet seat and a nurse??

A toilet seat only has to deal with one asshole at a time!

RCH said...


gmcountrymama said...

Hey that is a great idea, the voodoo doll that is. I'll call him Dr.Penis Head, like we refer to him at the hospital.