Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Ideal Gift For Those Who Have Everything

Last year, I posted an offering for the Mormons Exposed calendar. I now realize that the year is drawing to a close, and now people will be needing new calendars to keep track of the 2009 year.

With that in mind, I present a nugget of gold with this gay 29 year old in Memphis who has his own calendar.

For $14.99 plus $5 shipping, you can own the Chubby Mikey calendar. He's totally nude...not that it matters because his 530lbs covers everything. Think about it...if you can't see his winkie, can you imagine when the last time was that he did???

Now, I'm going to try to figure out who to buy this for. Everyone in my immediate circle is on the short list.

Christmas is coming!!


Candice said...

That's hot. I may have to run to Costco for a new pack of AA batteries now!

SmedRock said...

And what drove you to actually enter a search string for this?

I fear for you friend....

gmcountrymama said...

That's just gross. Funny but gross.

bobbie said...

I'll pass, thanks!!