Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Legal At Last!

Today I slept in as late as I damn well pleased. Got up, showered, dressed, leisurely drove to the DMV. There was a line, but a short one. Long enough for me to stand and take in my surroundings.

A little sign posted told me to make out my check to MODOR (Missouri Dept of Revenue). Someone drew a little "r" in there, so now it read MOrDOR. Oddly appropriate considering one of the ladies behind the desk did remind me of Gollum.

I have decided that no matter your socio-economic standing, race, gender, creed, age, etc...the DMV makes EVERYONE look downtrodden. Is it the lights? Is it the vortex of despair that is maintained by those who work there that suck us in??

(Really...have you ever seen one of those people actually HAPPY to be working there???)

You could go in there wearing a designer suit, $1000 pair of shoes, talking on your Crackberry, and in the harsh atmosphere of the DMV, look like you just came from a homeless shelter.

No one looks good at the DMV, which is why we all look like crap in our driver's license photo. I'm starting to believe that is deliberate.

So, now, I'm legal to wander the streets of KC in my car. Woo hoo!

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