Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Happens When You Piss Me Off On a Bad Day

With vacation coming close, Mom and I are rushing around, getting junk done. Tonight, we went out and bought a couple more things. While we were out, Mom lamented that she needed to pick up her prescriptions from Hellmart. Ordinarily, I avoid Hellmart so close to a holiday because that's when EVERYONE ELSE goes there. However, with the invention of the drive-thru pharmacy, mingling with the huddled masses can be cut down to a minimum.

But that didn't mean we wouldn't wait anyway.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one with the brilliant idea, as there were three cars in front of me. No matter, we could wait. Not everyone was as patient as I was, a couple cars pulled out of the line and sped away in a huff.

Except the douche bag behind me.

We finally got our turn after a 15 minute sit and stew moment, and we were instructed to wait by the harried pharmacist. I can only imagine what the line inside the store looked like. I think we waited a good 15 minutes before he asked who we were picking up for. Another 5 minutes, and he sends a slip of paper to sign.

Meanwhile, douche nozzle behind me grows impatient. I'm guessing he had a Viagra prescription he needed to pick up.

Mom signs her paper and sends it bacl. We wait another 10 minutes. While we wait, we are discussing the first things we will do when we board the ship.

Douche nozzle honks his horn.

Excuse me? Two days before a major holiday, everyone is getting their 'scripts refilled so they can go out of town without worrying about running out, plus half of Jackson county is as Hellmart AT THE SAME TIME, and this ass clown thinks honking is going expedite matters. Inside his small, corn-fed, pea-brain, he apparently thinks I can control how fast the pharmacist works.

I can't even make the pharmacists at my own hospital work faster. What the hell am I supposed to do with Walmart Pharm D???? Run inside and personally put my foot up his ass????

Mom gets her meds, signs her receipt, and sends it back to the pharmacy. Finally, we can leave. I put the car in gear just as Asshole honks his horn again.

"Excuse me for a minute." I tell Mom calmly. I put the car back in park, roll down the window, extend my arm out, showcasing the one-fingered salute for a solid 15 seconds because he was obviously a little slow, pull my arm back into the car, roll up the window, put the car back in gear, and drive away.

Had I been irate about it, I would have calmly got out of the car and given this ass clown a reason to need medication. As it was, I was tired, hungry, and it really wasn't worth the effort. I had contemplated just sitting there for an additional 5 minutes, but that wouldn't have been fair to the 2 other cars behind us.

I do try to be considerate of other people, you know.

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Xavier Onassis said...

Just think of the ice breaker you could have had on the cruise!

"Wanna see my trophy?"

Talk about blog fodder!

Have a wonderful, asshat-free cruise!