Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Playing the 'craft

A while ago, some ICU nurses were singing the praises of WoW (World of Warcraft to you non-computer geek folk). I had heard of this game only twice before. Once featured on a South Park episode, the second being while I was in nursing school. Student-Nurse-Know-It-All was having issues with her husband playing the game all the time. All. The. Time. It wasn't any wonder. If I was married to a pug-faced troll, I think I would want to hibernate in front of a computer game, too.

Anyway, a bunch of ICU nurses played the game, and I should join them because it was so much fun and blah, blah, blah. So, I bought the game, but my computer at the time sucked hard, and not in a good way. With the coming of the new and improved computer, I was finally able to download the game and begin to play.

Yes...it is very fun. You get to pick the kind of character you play, design their look, give them a name (mine is a latin name for naughty parts). You get to interact with people all over the world. Go on quests. Earn stuff. Kick ass. And die. You get to die. A lot.

I've lost count how many times I've died. Fortunately, in WoW, death is not permanent. It's simply a matter of figuring out where you last saw your corpse and retrieving it.

As in life, my WoW character is a complete klutz, as evidence by all the stupid ways I have died.

Some examples:
- I fell out of a Zeppelin just as it was getting ready to dock.
- I fell out of a tree, about 200 feet, into water that was only 3 feet deep.
- I accidentally backed into a large, deadly, purple spider while trying to sneak away from a smaller, less menacing one.
- I fell off a cliff trying to see how high it was.
- Bitch slapped by some bloated marshmellow creature while I was spying on the undead. Bastard just snuck up behind me. I think it farted before it killed me.
- Getting killed by my target because I was healing them instead of smiting them.

I don't play the game often. Usually, after dying five times in a row, I get disgusted and quit playing. My character is not strong offensively, and more of a healer. For one of my professions, I decided to become a tailor. It was that, or cooking.

So, if you want to play with me, come find me in Silver City...stuck at level 13.

I'll make you a pair of pants.


SmedRock said...

Which server are you on, I have mine on the Thunderhorn server so if you need to someone to run with that actually has a guild that knows how to play look us up. I like Pants is teh guild name on Thunderhorn. Toon's name is Combustible.

Nuke said...

Logtar and I are on Azshara server. It's PVP but low population and pretty low level of ganking. We're in The Old School (drop Logtar's name, he plays under it and he's kind of a big wig). Oh and we are Alliance.

Or let me know what server your toon is on and I might be able to drop by and give a hand.

As for silly deaths, if you jump on up on some elevators as they go down you don't hit the floor until the elevator stops and you damage for the whole distance. I have swam too deep and drowned. I didn't heal/bandage after a fight and (I was dancing) and the diseases that were on me finished me off. I got beaten by a pack of demons because I forgot to have my pet set to assist me. Etc, etc...

SmedRock said...

My best death was falling off the world in a bugged area. I was near the coast off of the Plaguelands and woke up in the Tauren home area. Guards had a field day on my gnomish behind.

We are allinace also. Will look up your guild soon.

Heather said...

I play in the Baelgun realm (server). I'm Horde (For the Horde!), Blood Elf, Priestess, AND I already belong to a guild.

That's how I roll...

gmcountrymama said...

I have not played this game but if I did I would probably become addicted.
Come on over for a visit, I have a something for you...

Rachel said...

wow. Your entire post, and all of the comments, are greek to me. I haven't played the game. I can't scoff, however...

There are a couple of facebook apps that a friend and I discuss at work. Others sitting nearby look at us and roll their eyes. I want to shout, "Don't judge me! This is FUN entertainment at no cost! You are stupid and don't understand!"

However, my games are lame, and I have no come back.

Enjoy your game.

Melinda said...

Wiley and I watched the South Park episode of this last night. To my surprise, he's never played it (and he is a computer geek - can break them and fix them). He thought your deaths were pretty funny. If we ever get it, I'll come looking for you.