Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nurse Follies: Uhhh...What?!?

Last night sucked great, big donkey wieners.

The paging system went on the fritz and we could not get a hold of any doctors. We almost had to resort to sending smoke signals just to get a suppository order.

Maintenance came with their little cart in tow, telling us that they needed to strip parts off our ice machine so the parts could be used in the operating room on Monday.


Apparently, in the ENTIRE hospital, our ice machine is the ONLY one that has this part. We're going to be without an ice machine for 3 days for surgery.

Did I mention that the needed parts came from an ice machine??

Natrually, we have an abundance of patients who are only allowed to eat ice. But they can't have ice because our ice machine was stripped of parts needed to run the heart bypass machine/snow cone maker.



Donna said...

Good grief! That's downright scary.

Dimwitted Genius said...

What do you need something like that for? Ice machines... hogwash. Don't you know that the OR nurses need their sno-cones? Gah, I hope they don't eat the red ones...

gmcountrymama said...

That's hilarious! I totally believe the ice machine part.
Of course our ice machine is on the fritz more than not. Then someone brings bags of huge ice cubes. "Here you go nice patient, suck on this if you can get it in your mouth."

Nuke said...

Holy crap, is your maintenance guy freakin Macguyver? I mean in what other world does a piece of an ice machine run a high tech heart bypass system...