Sunday, June 04, 2006

Breakfast of Champions

After a long shift of dealing with one resident who kept calling me and asking all kinds of really dumb questions, my friend P and I decided to stop by the hospital cafeteria for breakfast this morning. It just sounded good.

On weekends, it's pretty much self-serve. This includes the waffle-maker. They have those waffle makers you see in hotels that offer the free continental breakfast. They give you little cups of batter, and you pour it yourself onto the griddle, flip it over, and then when the timer buzzes, you have a waffle. Yum!

So we are standing there, surveying the setup when my friend grabs a cup of batter and pours it into the griddle. She had never used the big, industrial waffle makers, so she assumed the batter was measured right, and dumped the whole cup. Naturally, when the lid was closed, the batter ran over the side of the waffle iron and onto the counter. I grabbed a cup and poured what I thought was a good amount, but the same thing happens. The cafeteria worker comes over in a huff to clean up the mess. P and myself are very apologetic, and look, there are other nurses watching because they want waffles too.

Surly Cafeteria Lady (SCL) grumbles that the messes have been happening all morning and she should just stand by the waffle iron and make the damn waffles herself so she wouldn't have to clean up the mess. One nurse helpfully suggests that a sign should be put up telling people not to dump the entire cup into the waffle iron. SCL continues to bitch that people would still make a mess, and she's pretty insulting about it. She even turns to another cafeteria worker to complain about it with us standing right there, as if we weren't.

Considering I was already in Annoyed Mode, I just suggest they try putting the correct amount of batter into the cups if they really didn't want to clean up a mess.

SCL glares at me then goes to tend to the oatmeal. I think she was mostly mad because she had to work on Sunday. Whatever. I work every get no sympathy from me.

The waffles were tasty anyway.

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