Monday, June 05, 2006

Here Comes the Bride...and the Bride

Everyone is getting on the gay-marriage wagon. They are either for it, against it, or don't care either way. I guess you could put me in the last category. Considering how the institute of marriage is held in such esteem in my family (NOT!), my faith and confidence in it is somewhat diminished. It's almost laughable when activists claim that gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of marriage.

And a national divorce rate striving for 75% doesn't? Heterosexual couples have done a bang-up job of pissing on marriage, why not let the homosexuals have a stab at it??

But then, if states pass laws that permit gay marriage, then they have to open the flood gates for every kind of marriage because that "between a man and a woman" thing would be a moot point.

This also includes polygamy.

It never occurred to me that polygamists would be in favor of gay marriage, because most religious zealots are most decidedly anti-gay. However, some are in favor for it, if not to further their own agenda. This is frightening when you think of those scary little Fundamentalists who engage in molesting children under the guise of "God told me to do it". They want gay marriage to pass so they can push for the legalization of polygamy. After all, how can you do for one special interest, and not everyone else?

And just like that, polygamy could be legal in the United States once more.


Jared said...

The funny thing about polygamy is that it's acceptable for me to have a wife and a mistress, but if I tried to be married to both of them it's wrong. Not that I want to be a polygamist, though. I can't even handle the one wife that I have right now. Who in their right mind would want to be married to more than one is beyond me.

Marti said...

Politics makes strange bedfellows, huh? (snicker)

It does amuse me that the "religious" polygamists are willing to support gay marriage to be able to promote their own agenda.

Sigh. I support gay marriage. Polygamy? I dunno - never really thought about it much. From watching "Big Love" on HBO, it doesn't look like much of a good deal for anyone involved LOL

Child abuse of any kind - never.

Best wishes to you for a great day!