Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Who are the TWO!?!

If you are not a Harry Potter fan, you can just skip over this post. For all other rabid readers like myself, read on...

The news reports that JK Rowling was on some show and she revealed some interesting things about her seventh, and last, Harry Potter book. Most of the Q&A was boring as it was stuff we already knew, but the most interesting parts pertained to who gets it in the end. Originally, three were going to be killed off, but one found reprieve...which leaves the other two.

Who the hell could they be? The world is ripe with speculation, myself included.

Of course, they are going to be big characters, Rowling said they would be. I predicted that Dumbledore would buy it in book six, and I was right. It was high time for a high profile character to kick the bucket.

So, here is what I think. Everyone, feel free to chime in!

Death and Life Theories!

Well, we know Voldy's going to get it, because you just can't have the bad guy live in the end...so I don't think he is included in the two that Rowling has mentioned.

George or Fred Weasley? I think it could be one of these guys, if not both. It would be more tragic if one died and the other had to go on without him because they are twins in the truest of nature.

Molly Weasley? Maybe...maybe she will give her life in an effort to save one of her children.

Ron or Hermoine? Nah...Rowling has spent the past 6 books cultivating a romance between the two (and it STILL hasn't even come to pass!), I don't think she would kill either off after all that work.

Snape? Quite possibly. If he does get it, it will be because he trying to save Harry. I think it will happen after everything comes out and you feel sorry for the guy.

Hagrid? Also another strong possibility. One of the last of Harry's protectors getting the axe, and it would happen early in the story. The same would apply to Minerva.

Arthor Weasley? Nah...I think he's going to be the next Minister of Magic after all is said and done.

Draco? Maybe, but who would really care? The same also applies to Percy...and Lucius.

Harry? I'm still on the fence about this one. I can understand why Rowling would kill him off...so she wouldn't be pressured to write about him again. I would like to think she lets him live so he can actually try to have a happy life. I don't know if Rowling would consider Harry's death one of the two. From the interview, I got the impression that if he died, it would be in addition to the other two. I do know that if she does kill off Harry, she will probably be the most hated woman in the world...for a while.

Who got the reprieve? I think it's Ginny.

So, more than two people will kick the bucket, but the point being that the two are MAIN CHARACTERS. Everyone else who buys it, they are in the background and not really essential to the story...sort of like Cedric or Sirius (c'mon...admit you really didn't care when these two guys died).

Those are my thoughts. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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