Thursday, June 08, 2006

In the End...Silence

Busy week...where to begin.

Earlier this week, I found out one of my coworkers died at home. A seemingly healthy guy in his early 40's, just dropped dead in his bathroom. I guess he wasn't so healthy. I didn't work with him very often as he usually worked during the week and I work weekends...but when I did work with him, he was usually nice to me...even though he complained a lot about how sick the patients were.

If there is one universal truth, there is a plan for everyone. When it is our turn to go, it doesn't matter what we are's going to happen. When I die, I hope I'm not sitting on the toilet or anything. I hope it's while I'm doing something I absolutely hate so I don't have to finish it. If I go while doing something I love (like being in the Caribbean), I'm going to be pissed.

So, the sudden departure of our colleague left my floor short-staffed. I went in last night to help out for 8 hours. It wasn't a bad night, and everyone is still in we expect to see him come in through the double doors and clock in. It's strange knowing that someone can be there one minute, and gone the next.

Some strangers came to floor to ask about it. People who didn't even know the guy! Nosy little bastards...go find someone else's ill-fortune to pick over for gossip. I ever heard two people blathering about it near the cafeteria. Hospital hot topic. Whatever. They need to go back to discussing which resident is shagging which nurse in the broom closet.

Today, Mom decided to venture out on her own and go stay at her own place. She hasn't moved everything out yet, but she is working at it. She has enough stuff in her apartment to make a go of why not. I think she seemed kind of sad to leave, but there comes a time when we all must leave the nest. After she packed her little bag, took her toiletries and whatnot, she left. I sat in my apartment and marveled at how quiet everything seemed. My mother was not a loud roommate, but get used to someone being around for a while, you notice it when they are suddenly not there.

But that doesn't mean I plan on taking on another roommate. If I have to live with another warm body under my roof, rest assured that we will have the same last name, but not linked by DNA.

I don't have any Cheetos on hand, so I think I am going to fix me a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, maybe watch a movie (not so sure about being naked tonight). I have a huge blister on my foot from my new tenny-shoes. I've been inspired to get my ass in shape...which means actually using my gym membership.

For the first time in a long time, I have Saturday night off. I was originally slated to shoot a wedding for a friend I used to work with. She called me yesterday to tell me the wedding had been postponed until Christmas. They were too young to get married anyway. I thought about going in to work, but I think I shall help Mom move out the rest of her stuff, then maybe take in one of the half-dozen movies I've been wanting to see.

Maybe I will even buy some Cheetos and bring them home!

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