Thursday, June 22, 2006

On Loans and Ice Cream

My brother is still on his crusade to find some poor, unsuspecting schmuck to co-sign on a "Bail Me Out Loan". While it was initially thought that this loan was for school purposes, the truth comes out that my little brother is up to his eyeballs in debt (like every other person in the country), and at risk of losing his house, his car, his manhood. The loan would pretty much save the farm.

But that doesn't mean I plan on turning over my signature.

My other brother came over yesterday to use the computer. Bless his heart, he even filled my empty ice cube tray without me even asking him too! He mentioned that John had called him last week to beg him to co-sign. When Mike wouldn't budge, John wanted to know if Mike would ask his girlfriend if she would cosign. Mike said no, John got mad and hung up.

It wasn't until later that Mom told me that he was seeking a loan to the tune of $16,000. Sixteen THOUSAND...which is more than what I paid for my car! If my little brother does find someone to cosign for that loan, that person will officially be the Dumbest Person on the Planet.

I tried to make homemade ice cream yesterday. My very first foray into that little area. I bought a handy little attachment for my KitchenAid a couple years ago, and I finally cracked open the box. I was so excited as I mixed the vanilla ice cream with the milk and crunched up Reeces Peanut Butter cups. I even made Mike stay so he could partake of my accomplishment.

Why didn't anyone tell me I had to use whole milk or heavier? I used 1%!! The ice cream came out the consistency of a shake, and had to be consumed with a straw. So, I made Blizzards instead of ice cream. Mike ate it anyway.

I have a new mission: to make the best homemade ice cream with the KitchenAid ice cream maker. So, it's back to the drawing board for me. Maybe next time, I will try strawberry. As with any good experiment, I need test subjects.

Do I have any volunteers?? (sound of crickets chirping)


martinoffroad said...

Someone say ice cream?...I will gladly take one for the team.

Marti said...

Being in debt sucks (voice of experience here). I wish your brother all the best in digging out of his.

(And I hope no one gets screwed over co-signing on a loan - been there too)

Homemade ice cream sounds yummy! I like mine runny - LOL
Can't wait to find out how the next batch turns out! Best wishes!

Xavier Onassis said...

Not a big fan of strawberries (too "gritty"). Or co-signing for loans (too stupid).

Try using Whole Milk. Or even Half and Half. Or Cream.

It's Ice Cream, for God's sake.

If you are worried about calories, don't make ice cream at all! Make Tofu (I have no idea WTF tofu is or how it is made...scares me).

Heather said...

Who said anything about calories? With the size of my ghetto booty, do you think I give a rat's ass about calories???

Someone else also gave me the half and half idea. I think I will try that.

pomegranate said...

Official Volunteer here. I have references.