Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Exciting Life I Lead

Today, I'm doing laundry. For a little extra excitement, I stopped by Taco Bell for lunch. The cup that came with my meal says I could be the next El Presidente of Taco Bell, and I need to just plug in some code on the cup to their website. I could win one million pesos.

Which roughly translates to $9.26. Just enough money to buy more Taco Bell.

This evening, my brother is coming over and helping Mom move some of her stuff to her new apartment. This weekend, she plans on moving furniture in. By Monday, my apartment should be Mom-free.

I plan on celebrating this marvelous event by sitting naked on my couch, eating Cheetos, and watching Napoleon Dynamite.

I worked an extra 8 hours on Tuesday for another nurse. Yesterday afternoon, work called and begged me to come in last night. I got the message too late, not that I would have gone in. I'm well aware of who was working last night. Most of the other nurses had also agreed that my floor was not the place to be Wednesday night. It's bad when you know it's going to be a horrible night just by looking at who is scheduled.

On another work-related note, I told my Bosshole yesterday not to stroke out if transfer papers with my name cross his desk in the near-future. Being the blatantly honest person I am, I told him that working on his floor is not what I want to do with my career for the rest of my life. Surprisingly, he wasn't an asshole about it. I don't think he wants to retire working on his floor either. Also surprisingly, he was very supportive about a lateral transfer. I secretly think he hopes I go away as much as I do.

Yesterday, I went back to my salon for round two of "Get the Red Out". My hair is now mostly blonde, save for a couple streaks of red that just won't die. Oh well. I'm going to lay off the bleach for now because I don't want a chemical haircut. Amy did cut my hair, now I have a super cute short haircut, just in time for summer. It was another all-day-at-the-salon-day, but I got lasagne, a t-shirt, and free hair product. Amy rocks!

Today, I was dorking around online, and I discovered that someone I went to high school with is one of the Chief Nursing Officers-In Training at Research Hospital. This same guy who was the BMOC (Big Man on Campus), the guy that every girl salivated over, the popular jock, the son of the school principal (who was busted for embezzlement or something like that) a nurse. A nurse!!! I always thought he would move on to anything...besides being in the thankless field of nursing. Of course, he's going to be a CNO, which means he doesn't get his hands dirty in blood or any other body fluid, and his main job is to smile a lot, and technically, he's not really a nurse-nurse now. He's more a Bosshole.

Even so, I still crack up when I think about it. I wonder if in those early days, playing football, the tuba, his poofy-haired girlfriends, and whatever other preppy crap he did in high school, it ever once crossed his mind that he would go on to become a nurse.

It also makes me wonder about some of the other folks I went to high school with. I'm not bored enough to go looking, but it still makes me wonder.

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