Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Things That Make My Blood Run Cold

I don't consider myself as a fearful person. However, my mother uttered the words last night that made me break out into a cold sweat.

"Your brother quit his job."

Great! I knew I could count on a call from him the immediate future. I was not to be disappointed as he called my house numerous times before I caved and answered the phone.

Brother: I need a favor from you.
Me: The Bank of Heather is closed.
Brother: No, I don't need any money (yet). I need for you to co-sign on a loan for me.
Me: Why?
Brother: I'm going back to school and I need a student loan.
Me: You should qualify for grants, why do you need a loan?
Brother: Well, the BI Bill is covering the cost of school. I just need a loan to live off of while I'm going to school.
Me: And this is the loan you want me to co-sign for?
Brother: Yes.
Me: No.

I explained that I am trying to get my house in order so I can buy a house of my own within the next couple of months, and that means not over-extending myself credit-wise. I couldn't possibly co-sign for anything.

Besides, I know for a fact that my brother is not exactly, uhh, dedicated to paying his bills...which is why his bill collectors are calling my house looking for him. Me co-signing for a loan for him would be like me paying for a car I never owned. As an added overture in an attempt to change my mind, he added, "If I get the loan, I can pay back all the money I already owe you."

Thanks, but I'll pass.

He wanted to know my credit score so he could analyze it and see if I was a suitable candidate to co-sign. credit score is no one's business. Besides, my brother has no background in finance. I wasn't biting.

After deciding that he wasn't going to get anywhere with me, he said a hurried good-bye and hung up in a huff. I'm sure he'll be mad at me for a while. That his own sister wouldn't bail him out...again. I'm still miffed that a guy with two kids and wife would quit his job without having another job lined up. He said he hated his boss and that is why he quit.

I'm not exactly thrilled with my boss either, but that doesn't mean I'm going to up and quit without a notice.

I suppose there is a lesson to be learned in all this. Don't ever start "loaning" family members money...ever. After a while, they come to expect it, and then get pissed off when you say no. I didn't go through the trauma that is nursing school just so I could support everyone else when they decided to quit their jobs. Just because I am single with no dependents doesn't mean I have all this money laying around to just hand out.

I just hate being thought of as someone's safety net.


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SmedRock said...

Good for your. My younger sister has tried with me for years. I even offered to pay for her schooling until she could line up financial aid, and she got miffed when I said the money woul dbe sent to the school and not to her. She has quit asking since.