Monday, July 03, 2006

D.C. Day Two

Mom called my house while I was at work and left a message.

"Hi. It's Mom. We made it to D.C. okay. The architecture is amazing. You wouldn't believe the architecture. Well...I'll call later this week. Bye"

By architecture, I can only assume she meant penis.



Mrs. McMitchell said...

Not to belittle your annoyance at your Mom's antics (Grrr...) but I immediately thought
"Ohhh...I've been on an architechture trip before!"

I know...Trashyyyyyy

Marti said...


Before he left for the big trip to California to break his cell phone, the boy, who can be quite pensive at times, was writing poetry.

He read it aloud to me, and asked if it spoke in metaphors to the point of being un-understandable. I said, "Uh, well, does 'the longing of the obelisk' refer to your penis?"

He posted the poem at his blog with a notation that obelisk was NOT a metaphor for penis - LOL!