Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random Thursday Blather

Yesterday, I went to have my hair done. Another attempt to get this awful gold color out of my hair. My hair is blonde, but not gold blonde. More of an ashy-blonde. The girl who does my hair was running way behind, so I didn't get to sit in her chair until much later...which was fine. I just wondered around her shop and drank icy cold Dr. Pepper. My car's thermostat read 107. I didn't need to go back out in the heat unless I absolutely had to.

Good thing for Amy, she hired two new people to work in her shop. One girl (Kelley) is a smart-ass blonde who will leave you in stitches with her dry, and crude, sense of humor. I must be related to her somehow. The other person is a guy named Brandon. An import all the way from Los Angeles, California..which is a big deal to Midwesterners.

Brandon ended up taking a walk-in client. An obvious gay man in need of color and a cut. Brandon (not gay), goes to work, and that hairdresser chit chat ensues.

Gay Man: ...yeah, well I work as a teacher, and they have a decent pension, but my partner works for the he has a better pension plan.
Brandon: Ahh. Considering your partner works for the IRS, he must have a decent package. (he meant retirement)

Gay Man doubles over in his chair in fits of laughter, along with everyone else in the shop. Brandon is clearly embarassed. Hee!!

My hair didn't turn out quite as well as we had hoped, not to mention I was there hours longer than I had planned. So, Amy didn't charge me for the service, and gave me free product. I love Amy and would never dream of going anywhere else, so I still tipped her $20. I really don't think it was anything Amy did to my hair. My hair has been doing to very strange stuff lately. I don't know why. It used to be it's curly. I used to want curly hair when I was a kid. Now that I have it as an adult, I've changed my mind.

That evening, I went to check up on a sick friend. We ended up watching some Martin Lawrence movie and talking about the Star Wars series.

Tonight, I have to work. Joy. There's a big night shift campout thingie that I can't go to because I do have to work, and I don't make a habit of calling in so I can go to a social event. I've looked at tonight's schedule. It should make for an interesting night.

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Marti said...

My hair comes out weird blonde sometimes even when I use the same haircolor. There's this stuff call "Roux" that is a rinse you can use to balance out brassiness. It's not very expensive. Comes in a tall, grey. round bottle. You just comb it through and leave it in. It's real watery, and you need to start out with just a little, 'cause it's kinda purplish (that is what those old ladies with blue hair use I think LOL) If you just dribble a bit on then rub it around, it won't be as intense. If it's too much you can just wash it out, it isn't permanent.

I hope you have a great weekend - I'll be nursin' a bottle of Southern Comfort to drown my sorrow - LOL