Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Indepedence Day!

Because I'm not a fan of my family this year, aside from the fact they are all crazy (save for one or two), I'm going to a friend's house for my evening's patriotic festivities.

Remember, God gave us friends because we couldn't pick our family members. (Well, maybe we could, but that's a different post.)

Instead of a big display, my friends are attending a neighborhood block party where everyone will be collectively lighting off fireworks. Drunk adults watching children light small explosives.

I guarantee, we're going to have at least one 3rd degree burn by the end of the night. Too bad I'm not a burn nurse, but I can point them to the closest burn unit.

I made a big bowl of the Kieffer's World Famous Fresh Garden Salsa. I hope I have some leftover. This could very well be the best salsa ever. Maybe I should put some in a little bowl and leave it here for my own recreational use.

So, to repeat almost every other blogger out there in Blogdom, have a safe and fun 4th. Don't drink and drive. Don't burn yourself. Don't be an ass. Remember the troops. And in the immortal words of Tony, don't go near the potato salad...it's been sitting out too long.


Annie said...

Can you share the recipe to Kieffer's World Famous Fresh Garden Salsa? Or would you have to kill me?

Mrs. McMitchell said...

I was just thinking the same thing! "How dare you tell me that you've just made the world's best salsa (especially a Kieffer recipe) and you didn't post the recipe?" Talk about toying with me!

Post it for us? Pleeease?