Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Review: Tim and Faith Concert

The Tim and Faith concert was last night. I went. Kathryn left Tuesday morning, so she could not go. The next person up was Paul, and he won the "Who Loves Heather More" contest only because he accidentally bought me coffee at Starbucks.

So, he had to work that day at his little part time job. After much discussion, I told him I would pick him up from his work and we could go to the concert from there, stopping for dinner along the way.

After dinner, I charged down I-35 and came into concert traffic. Lots and lots of concert traffic. Half of Kansas City had also bought tickets to the concert.

A couple turns through downtown, I managed a shortcut that dumped me off ahead of the folks who were still waiting on the highway. We parked in Kansas, paid $10 to park on a pile of dirt, and walked 100 miles to the arena. Good thing I wore my comfy sandals. I saw skanks there wearing heels and then bitching because their feet hurt.

Because the nature of the concert was country, the rednecks came out in full force. They were fairly easy to spot.

We finally made it inside Kemper. Walked to the other side of the arena where our seats were, and made a mountain climb up to the nosebleed section where our seats were. We were center stage, but 3 stories in the air. The stage was pretty cool. A big cross that lit up and showed images. Sort of like the performers were standing on a large television screen.

The concert begins. Tim and Faith sing a song together. The crowd goes nuts. Faith does her set in a long-sleeved shirt. Did no one tell her it was 105 degrees outside?? Everyone was sweating buckets, and I thought Paul was going to pass out from dehydration.

An hour later, Faith finishes her set. The hubby comes back out and they sing a couple songs together. The crowd goes wild. Faith disappears and Tim does his set. The crowd goes apeshit. Tim finishes his set, Faith comes out in a muu-muu and they sing a couple more songs together. Concert over, lasting a little under 3 hours.

Walking back to Kansas, a group 4 adults approach me and tell me that their hotel shuttle never showed, and they are having difficulty flagging a taxi, and would I mind taking them back to their hotel if they give me $20. I would have, they seeme like nice people, but how in the hell do you fit 6 adults inside a PT Cruiser???

I make tracks and take Paul back to his car. I tell him that considering I spent $50 for his concert ticket, he should at least put out. He only laughs at me and drives away. Men are so clueless.

Overall, a great show. I didn't spend any money on concert junk. $35 minimum for a t-shirt that shrinks 3 sizes after you wash it. I can find one on Ebay for less.

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t. durden said...

Hello Heather, just dropping in to say hello to my fellow metal head. Training's got me sore, but I'm loving it. And we started on firearms training. Why is that I find myself grinning when I write that? I guess the Jack-FM in your area's decent, the one in NYC really left a bad taste in many of our mouths. Egads. Take care, my dear.