Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Adventures in Homebuying: On the Lookout

So begins my foray into homeownership. Thus far, I have been just looking online at houses for sale via Remax or Reece & Nichols. I've been to a couple new subdivisions and toured the model homes, but it seems I tend to gravitate towards the older homes that have already been remodeled. Yeah, I could probably afford a brand new house, but I don't want to be "all about the house". I want to still be able to travel and stuff. I don't want to be one of those people who really can't do anything because their entire budget is wrapped up in mortgage payments. I want a house that can serve as my home base as I am contemplating travel nursing next year.

Considering my lease is up in a few months, I figured now is a good time to get cracking. If I have to spend another year in this apartment, I will go postal and park a Ryder truck in the front of the building loaded with all the fireworks in Riverside...which makes for a VERY large truck.

I found a house online that I liked, so I saved it in my Favorites Folder. It was what I was looking for, plus it had French Doors! I was seduced by the French doors. Two days after I saved it, I went to the site to get the number of the realtor so I could go look at the house, my heart sunk as I saw the house was no longer listed. I dropped an email to my agent and asked why the house went ~poof~. Two days later, he sends me an email stating the home owner was also an agent...and decided to rent the house out because he couldn't sell it. Because the lease signed was for one year, it couldn't be broken...meaning, no French doors for Heather.

Somewhere out there, is a realtor who is crying.

Back to the drawing board.

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