Friday, September 01, 2006

My Arrowhead Cherry...Popped At Last

So I finally got to go to a Chiefs game tonight. Finally. Sure, it was preseason...but in the grand scheme of things, who cares? It was a Chiefs game, and I had never been. A friend I work with scored some tickets and asked me if I would like to go with her. Instead of dragging a grill and tailgating proper, we just bought a dinner thing from Price Chopper consisting of fried chicken and fixings. We sat in lawn chairs by the PT, ate chicken, people-watched, and talked shop.

The seats were pretty good...row 24 on lower level, just off the 30 yard line. The Chiefs played okay against the Saints. I really couldn't tell you if they played really well, or the Saints just sucked that bad.

Oh come the Chiefs cheerleaders...yawn. I don't really understand the function of an NFL cheerleader. At least in college and high school, the cheerleaders do chants and cheers, and audience plays along, and spirit is renewed. From what I could see, they just do the same routine over and over, shake their asses AND their pom-pons simultaneously. I also observed that no one was really paying attention to them.

I once had the misfortune of knowing a girl who was a Chiefs cheerleader. Whenever the team lost, she truly believed it was because the cheerleaders performed poorly. Now, I don't know if this is the mantra of the squad, because if it is...that's just sad.

At one point, half the squad left, returned in some horrible metallic red outfits, brandishing sticks, and did some routine in the end zone. It was bad. It was Chippendale Dancer bad. My friend and I concluded that these girls, at some point, may have tried out for a more elite squad, such as the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, didn't quite cut the mustard, came home and now dance for the Chiefs.

Thankfully, a group of Pee-Wee football players came out at halftime and played. It was much more entertaining.

In front of us, sat a little old lady, all dressed in red, a temp tattoo on her cheek, and she didn't have not one tooth in her entire head. Behind us sat another woman who just yelled and yelled. "Throw the damn football!" "Get a touchdown!" and "Quarterback!" We are not certain what that last one was about, but it was pretty damn funny anyway.

$7 for a bottle of beer? $5 for a glass of lemon-flavored water? And they can't come up with the money to pay for their own damn rolling roof??? What's the deal with that??

So, the Chiefs won. Yay. Everyone walks out to the parking lot en masse. KCPD is out in full force on golf carts. I almost got ran over twice. They were speeding (well, as fast as you can go on a golf cart), would plow into a large group of people, and then yell at everyone because they couldn't get out of the way fast enough. It was almost like they were bowling for Chiefs Fans. Bastards. Is is any wonder that no one likes them?

My first Arrowhead experience? Pretty fun. I would consider getting season tickets, but because I work weekends, that might be a conflict. However, for a Monday night, or even Thanksgiving, I would seriously consider getting tickets. The least I would do is tailgate.

Anyone care to join me for some tailgating festivities?? When we are done, we can toss out road spikes for any oncoming po-po terrorizing pedestrians.

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Kristine said...

"Bowling for Chiefs fans." LOL!

I loved your review - especially since I myself have yet to go to a Chiefs game. The tailgating party sounds awesome. F##K the po-po, I always say! Okay, not really.