Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What's a Girl to Do?

Despite my repeated attempts to keep the dog quiet, Bloated Single Mother upstairs continues to complain. Now, she has told the management that I let Sam run free in the hallway (which is complete lie...he never leaves the apartment unless he is on a leash). Management posted little notices on everyone's door about the "wild, rampant dog that runs the halls and disturbs the residents and goes to the bathroom on the floor". Whatever. I talked to the neighbor girl who lives next door about it, and she says she has never seen such a dog, and the only ones she does see, are mine and that of my other neighbors...all of which who have dogs on leashes.

When I move, I fully plan on marching to Bloated Single Mother's door and telling her what I hefer I think she is. If I tell her now, she'd probably key my car. Her car has a smashed front end that is held together by duct tape. I suspect she doesn't have much to lose. I don't know what she does with a living, but it has something to do with brown aprons because I see her go to work in the mornings. I think her name is Becky because it is stitched on the front of the brown apron. She's always scowling. Being a Bloated Single Mother must be hard.

At any rate, she is the only one who keeps complaining about the dog, my other neighbors don't have a problem with Sam. I bought a bark collar for him, and for some reason, has a reaction to the nylon. Now, he has big, open bleeding sores on the underside of his neck. I hate to leave the collar on him because of it, and I have already taken him to a vet about the sores. His answer, "Don't put the collar on him."

So, I'm in a catch-22. If I leave the collar on, Sam won't bark, but he bleeds and is obviously in pain. If I take it off, he barks and BSM complains and fabricates stories to get me in trouble with the management. They recently implemented a "curfew" for the apartment complex. No loitering outside after 10pm. I'm still figuring this one out.

I'm still in the infancy of the whole home-buying me moving out it contingent on how fast that process moves. I'll be calling the Remax people again tomorrow.

I'm sad...and I want to go punch BSM in the face. Apartment life still sucks.

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