Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dinner is Served

In an effort to redeem my horrible day yesterday, Paul made me dinner. Okay, so this was a premeditated event...and I was somewhat hesitant to even drive to his house for fear that a 25 car pile up would cap off the day.

We agreed to grill out steaks, so when I got there, the grill was ablazing with a thousand pieces of charcoal burning so hot that you couldn't get within 10 feet of the grill without having your eyebrows singed off. I'm fairly certain that the Weber glowed bright until 4am. That's how many pieces of charcoal were in the grill.

Because I am the ultimate steak-grilling guru...master of spice rubs and marinade, I sort of took over the grilling task while Paul stood on the other side of the patio (his eyebrows had more to lose than mine) doing platter patrol, and plotting the quickest route to the garden hose.

I must confess, that in all the times I have ever cooked over an open fire, I've never had a complete dinner cooked in just under 5 minutes. This included the shrimp kabobs, grilled squash and two decent-sized sirloins.

Dinner was great. Followed by three funny movies, warm peach pie (not a was an actual peach pie), and coffee.

For those who have following my saga: no, we are still not dating. I still don't know what we are doing, aside from, uhh, outing-ing. Whenever I ask, I never get a direct answer to my direct question. Kant says it's good because at least I know he's not after my body. I tell her there was never any fear of that because he appears to be afraid to even hold my hand.

I should move to Houston. I hear the singles scene holds much more promise.

On a side note...Orbitz credited my account today. Sam is home with his new hairdo. The car started each time I had to start it.

Things are returning back to normal...normal for me anyway.

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