Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Milk Love

I love milk, but sometimes, it's unrequited love. Those live milk critters and my stomach have a shaky abusive relationship. When it's the honeymoon phase, everything is roses and butterscotch pudding (or chocolate). When you get into the ugly side of the relationship, there is much heartache and tears. Someone always gets hurt (me) and I have to run to the arms of my concubines for comfort: Rolaids and Nexium.

Kant can drink milk like it's water. I believe it's 3 gallons she drinks a week. She's a machine. Someday when she goes to lab to have her bloodwork done, her blood is going to come out white.

I've seen the glass jars of milk in the dairy case, but I hadn't given it much thought. After all, it would just break my heart, not to mention you had to pay a deposit on the glass bottle.

I was at the store the other morning when I got off from work, when I decided to buy a small jar of Shatto Milk in a moment of sleep-induced insanity. I took it home, poured a glass, and suddenly, I remembered the days of my youth when my parents bought farm fresh milk from another family from church.

Ahhh...Heaven. Pretty tasty milk!

Aside from the fact that their website moos when I open the page, causing Sam to go bananas, thereby angering the Bloated Single Mother upstairs who subsequently starts the sequence of the Sumo Stomp....it's a pretty fun site. I'm always whining that I should travel more, and take more road trips. So, I think I shall go and visit the Shatto Dairy Farm soon. It's not too far away from Cameron.

I'm sorry, Kant, that you can't have Shatto Milk in the Land of Crappy BBQ. However, if you visit, I will be more than happy to buy you a gallon. I'll even pay the deposit on the jar!

Meanwhile, I'm going to go stock up on Rolaids.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE milk! LOL

We go through a gallon a day! Everyone has a bowl of cereal (usually not in the morning though), we all drink a giant tumbler-full with dinner and of course I give the kitties some each day - LOL!

Xavier Onassis said...

Cliffs Notes Version of this post: I'm lactose intolerant; but Shatto semi-tolerant.

That about it? LOL!

I've wondered about that Shatto. Never tried it. Like the return deposit bottles. Very retro.

I can't keep milk in the house because I only have my daughter every other week and she's the only one who drinks it. She's always very suspicious (and rightfully so) of any milk in my fridge.

Maybe I'll buy some fresh Shatto to have on hand the next time she's over. Just as a treat.