Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Blather

This morning, I Have a 3 foot gaping hole in my bathroom ceiling. Fortunately, I have another bathroom still intact, so I am able to go about my regular grooming rituals.

Months ago, I reported a leak in the bathroom ceiling, and it would occur about the same time Bloated Single Mother takes a bath. It doesn't happen everyday, which is disconcerting because doesn't that mean she's a sporadic bather? Eewwwww.

Today, the maintenance guys are going to come over, cram into my little bathroom, and finish the job. They got halfway through when they realized they didn't have part the needed. How typical. What do you need to get a job working apartment maintenance because I might want a second part-time job during the week. Apparently, you don't need to know much.

Actually, I shouldn't lay the smack down on them. They have been pretty nice...even though I reported the leak FOUR MONTHS AGO.

I bought some crafty-things at the store yesterday. I may take a stab at them today...along with getting my hair done. Yeah, I also have a mountain of laundry to do. And fitting a nap in there somewhere is also important...

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