Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Blather: Redux

So, I still have the big, gaping hole in my bathroom ceiling. No one came over nor called me to explain why it wasn't repaired today. My only guess is that they are still waiting for whatever part.

Bloated Single Mother came to my door this morning to ask about the gaping hole, namely, because the maintenance men were in her apartment. While this is not alarming, the fact that they were wearing masks was.

Now, I'm not a complete and total asshole. I know what black mold is, and I know what black mold can do...especially if you happen to have a 7 month old baby. If I am harvesting it in my bathroom ceiling...that I don't know. But it certainly explains why I have chronic sinusitis. I took pictures of it. What do you guys think??

I keep the bathroom door closed, and just use the other bathroom instead. Even so, I'm still worried. I should call management first thing in the morning and talk to them about this. Not only should they fix the hole, but they need to kill whatever is growing there. It's not safe. This is a big problem.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for a house to rent. Preferably with a yard. I'd even settle for a duplex, or even a long as it had a yard...and no mold.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Kristine said...

YUCK! I read the more recent post first so I hadn't seen these pictures. I agree you need to get them off their asses and TAKE CARE of this immediately!