Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vacation Planning

Today, I finally booked airfare for the trip. I should have purchased a few months ago when the prices were lower. So, I have learned my lesson. Bad Heather.

I booked through AirTran because it was the cheapest flight I could find. I don't know a lot about AirTran, I don't even know if they are a good airline. But they have not had a plane crash...yet. However, I know that I didn't get a seat assigned, which is never good. I hate being herded onto the plane like cattle. Like the way Southwest does it.

I also discovered someone posted the ship's menu online, so I cut and pasted it, and sent it to my fellow cruisemates...virgins to the cruising side of life. It is entirely possible to eat for 24 hours straight on a cruise ship...but why would you want to? Oh, I see it every time I go. Some people try to literally eat the cost of the cruise. I guess they figure that if they eat their money's worth, the cruise will have paid for itself. Those are the peopel who pack on 10 pounds by week's end. Not me, I usually end up losing at least 5 because I eat like I'm supposed to: 3 balanced meals (instead of 1), and I am usually running all over the ship. A ship longer than 3 football fields, you're bound to do some endless walking. Last cruise, our cabin was on the opposite end of the ship from everything we wanted to go it worked out.

I have about 148 days until cruise time. I find myself getting more and more excited about going. I'll be even more stoked when I have the whole thing paid for. However, I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out what I am going to be doing in port. It seems for this itinerary, the only thing to do on the islands is to take an island tour. Maybe I can find a nice book and park my ass on a beach for the day.


Kristine said...

Just catching up and starting with this most recent post - A CRUISE!!!? Luck-ie!! Can't wait to hear more about it. In reading your post, the Titanic picture made me think of all those people eating the cost of the cruise were standing on the same side of the ship.

Xavier Onassis said...

I'm just sayin'.