Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Great Flood Update

The Boyfriend came over and after some sniffing around the house, deduced that the water was coming from in front of the house where the front steps have a slight slope towards the front porch. Chipping out the little crevasse and sealing it would fix it.

How do I do that? I asked.

By putting it on your "to do" list for when you go on your conference, he replied.

Easy enough!!

Later this month, I'm going to a nursing conference in Atlanta. This is a first for me because I've never worked at a job where I could go to professional conferences and stuff. Budget crunches at the hospital meant they would only send one nurse from each unit to go, all expenses paid, and I was selected to go from my unit. Yay. For. Me.

I'm pretty excited about going. I get to see Kant (I'm staying at her house for the week), possibly get to see another friend if I can talk him into making the 3-hour drive from South Carolina. AND, I get to attend a CEU-laden conference and horde up on all kinds of free ink pens and notepads. My main goal = to acrue 30 or more CEU's so I won't have to even think getting another one until my license renews in 2009. My second goal is to get as much free stuff as I can.

The special guest entertainer for the conference? KC and the Sunshine Band! I might have to work up some enthusiasm for that one.

Mom and The Boyfriend will be staying at my house while I am away so Sam is not left unattended. I'm told to work up a "to do" list of things around the house I want fixed or done, and The Boyfriend will work on said list. Also on my list: changing out some old light fixtures for new ones, stripping kitchen and dining room ceiling so I can repaint/texture it when I come home, fix leaky basement problem, and then giving him free rein to make whatever improvements that I haven't thought of. He has pretty good taste, and after seeing some of the things I have done/picked out, he has a pretty good idea of what I like.

Having a handyman in the family is...well...handy.

Mom is having fun in Florida, and I have given her instructions to find me some white grapefruit. I don't like the red, or the pink...but I love the white. I also told her she cannot try to stow away on a cruise ship while she is there.


SmedRock said...

Ah the evolution of the boyfriend. Eyes with suspicious, dare I say disgust? And now the hero. :) A good home really does bring people together.

Good thing he knows how to fix it. Leaky basements suck.

Heather said...

I've just resigned myself to the situation. I still eye everyone with suspicion, then disgust.