Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Leisurely Visit to Walmart and Other Blathering

Today is a day of firsts. Well, maybe just one first. A first I have never, ever encountered before in all my driver's license days.

My due date for an oil change came before the mileage said it was time. Usually, I hit the mileage mark a month and a half for the change the oil date rolls around. My oil change date is today, and I've got 750 miles to spare. Being the procrastinator I am, I probably won't get around to getting said oil change until those 750 miles are up. I'm a bad, bad girl.

I took a nap last night after Woody left. Watching him work made me tired. I woke up around 11pm, wide awake and bushy-tailed. I watched some television, poked around the house, then decided a trip to Walmart was in order. I needed eggs.

I used to go grocery shopping late, late at night on my shifts off. I preferred it. No crowds, no screaming children throwing the mother of all tantrums because they can't have a toy, only to see the parent buy them the toy just to shut them up. It wasn't until I ran into a cheating smarmy ex-boyfriend stocking shelves at Walmart one night, that I curtailed my late night shopping excursions.

But now, I am cursed with the night shift curse, and for the life of me, I can't sleep at night. Off to Wally World I went. Say what you want about Walmart being the axis of evil, but they are cheap, and my checkbook tells me where I have to shop. Maybe if I got a roommate, I could afford a place more upscale...like Target.

I ended up buying more than eggs. I bought a bunch of other stuff, too. Inspired by The D, I've decided to make a conscientious effort to eat better and get more exercise. A while ago, I did this diet, and I lost a shit ton of weight in a short amount of time. I attribute most of it to a diet supplement I took that had ephedra in it before it was banned (damn FDA). I'm going to do this diet again sans the supplements.

New diet includes:
No fried foods, only baked or grilled
No fast food
No soda...unless it's diet, and only occasionally.
No concentrated sweets
Limit eating out to once a week or less, but still adhering to the previous guidelines
No more ordering out at work
Daily vitamin supplements

I used to run. I used to rollerblade. I used to do all kinds of fun stuff that active people do. Then, I had to go blow out my knee during a hot yoga session. I had reconstructive surgery using innovative, exciting technology, and my leg hasn't been the same since. When you have to stand and remind your legs how to climb and descend stairs, you know it's not good. It's depressing. I don't have knee pain anymore, but I don't have a fully functioning knee either. Crappy tradeoff, if you ask me. So, I have weights and a big workout ball. I miss the rollerblades.

It's now morning, so I am going to go back to bed. I will get up later and plant my tomatoes and herbs. Maybe make my weekly pilgrimage to Lowes.

Good night!

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Well Hell Michelle said...

The diet plan sounds like a good one... I think I'll follow it with you. I eat out at restaurants way too much now... guess I'll have to quit being lazy and cook something :-)