Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nurse Follies: At the Conference

There are thousands of critical care nurses at this conference, and yet they only offer 16 computers for everyone to use in the cyber cafe. Someone suggested that because there are a lot of older nurses, they might not have felt we needed more. That's crap. Everyone uses email.

Naturally, I find the business office at my hotel on the last day I'm here.

I'm coming home this afternoon, and I will be very glad to do so. This week has been non-stop running, classes, running, trying to stay awake at said classes, and more running. My feet will never be the same. Next time I come to conference, I'm bringing roller skates.

In addition to the blisters on my feet, I will be carting home about 100+ ink pens, pen lights, highlighters, bandaid holders, paperclips, a couple plastic tumblers, a handful of pins, 4 insulated lunch bags, two large totes, a few things I can't identify, and one small stuffed St. Bernard. All free.

Now, it's time for me to attend the last general session where someone will impart touchy-feeling sentiment to the audience in an effort to make everyone cry. After last night, most everyone will be hung over, so I am sure they won't have to try too hard.

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