Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pinhead of the Internets

After blogging about the Bosshole's myspace, someone at work set the dorky looking high school picture as the desktop for a couple computers. It brought everyone great joy who saw it, and for one fleeting moment, morale around the unit was the best ever. Everyone was smiling, and if you listened closely, an angel got it's wings.

Then, the Bosshole came in and saw it. We hear he was angry. We hear he's looking for the offending party/parties involved so he can send them an strongly worded email with lots of exclamation points. We hear he feels it was an invasion of his privacy.

Hey, dumbass. Posting your geeked-out high school picture on a public MySpace profile does not constitute privacy. That is public domain, and thereby fair game. Just like Britney Spears flashing her bootwagga in public and expecting that to stay private.

Popular consensus is that he is more embarrassed that some docs may have seen it, and their impression of him being a fearless, strong, and studly leader is now being called into question (much like Britney's taco shots changed people's impressions of her being a exemplary parent).

However, it's given me a great idea for Nurses' Week...but I won't be able to do it until next year.

Incidentally, Bosshole deleted his MySpace account.

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Mark said...

I'd like to think I'm pretty hip to the pop culture language, but bootwagga? Gotta admit I've never heard that one!