Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Ray Nagin Dumbass Award Goes to...

Andrew Speaker

In case you don't know who this dumbass is, he is the guy, after he was told he had tuberculosis and advised not to fly, immediately hopped a plane to Europe for his wedding.

But wait! There's more!!

While in Europe, he finds out that not only does he have TB, he's got the kind that the regular regimen of antibiotics won't easily treat. He is advised to turn himself into Italian authorities so he can be put in quarantine, and appropriate arrangements can be made to bring him back to U.S. for treatment. Does he do this? NO! Being the dumbass he is, he immediately hops another plane for him, but bypassing the fact he was on a no-fly list for the U.S., and flies into Canada instead before driving home.

Does the dumbassness end there? Nope!

His father-in-law is a microbiologist who works for the Center of Disease Control. His primary area of research: tuberculosis. Dad-in-law offers "fatherly advice" of not travelling at all, but the dumbass doesn't heed this and goes anyway. I bet Dad-in-law feels real good about the fact that this asshat is now married to his daughter.

Now that this pinhead is back in the U.S. and being shuttled to a Denver hospital that specializes in respiratory diseases, only now is he concerned about the fact that he may have spread this to other people.

Did this not occur to him before he boarded a plane, not once, but TWICE for transatlantic flights, exposing EVERYONE on the plane to his creeping crud. Doctor's say he is low risk for transmission, but there is still that small risk. Would you like to be one of the passengers on that airplane? Would you like to make a gamble with small risk?? It's the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette.

If ever were an example of selfish, conceited, arrogance, this guy would be the poster boy for it. The fact that he's a lawyer, well, that's just icing on the cake. Would it be too much to hope that all the passengers on that airplane file a lawsuit against him for emotional damages?? If I were a passenger on that plane, I would be freaking out right about now.

So, here's to you, Andrew Speaker. Pariah and All-Round Dumbass. Knowing that the kind of TB you carry has a 30% cure rate, I can only hope you fall in the 70% range and your lungs turn to oatmeal and you, well, die a horrible, painful death. Cold and heartless, perhaps? Maybe, but only the same amount of consideration you gave to everyone else the minute you checked your luggage at the airport.


Kamizar Pootz said...

Amen. Wait until he gets the bill for the private jet they had to use to get his sorry ass to Denver. I feel a bit sicker because he flew over KC.

"The D" said...

Heather - Weren't you just in Atlanta? Isn't this guy FROM Atlanta? When did you get to Atlanta? When did he leave Atlanta? Could he have walked by you and coughed? Could he have sneezed in his hand and the wiped it on an escalator rail and then a few minuets later you touched that exact spot?

I don’t want to freak you out but I’m just sayin’

Have a Nice Day!

Faith said...

(Psst...I think D might be gettin' you back for that pickle joke you made a couple weeks ago. He's a foonay boy...)

I wonder why there doesn't seem to be too much concern with where this guy contracted the TB in the first place. After I heard about what his FIL does, I thought, "AHA!" But they say it's not connected to him at all.

I do not - do NOT - understand people who put their fucking weddings before things like common sense, their health, or perhaps the health of dozens of other people! WTF is WRONG with this guy???

Heather said...

It's possible I cam in contact with this guy, I mean, he's known he has had TB SINCE JANUARY!!!

I get tested every year, and I am due now. So, we shall see. Y'all can come and visit me in the hospital...just don't forget to wear your mask.

Xavier Onassis said...

faith - "I do not - do NOT - understand people who put their fucking weddings before things like common sense, their health, or perhaps the health of dozens of other people! WTF is WRONG with this guy???" He's a fucking personal injury lawyer! I think you're setting the bar (no pun intended) a bit high, don't you?

JustCara said...

I can't wait until his ass gets sued by the people he sat next to - even if they never come down with TB, they can (successfully) claim that he has to compensate them for the medical tests - and $$anxiety$$ - they'll go through to find out of they contracted TB.

Aw, karma's a bitch.