Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things That Put Me in a Cold Sweat

I woke up this afternoon to a bunch of messages from people who NEVER call me. The first, being my brother. Not the cool one.

"As an early anniversary present, you could co-sign on a car for us."

Then, I went and checked in that mirror to see if that "Stupid" sign had reappeared on my forehead again.

My brother has had one car repossessed, although Mom is pretty sure it was two. What person in their right mind would co-sign for someone who couldn't even get a small loan to pay for a bologna sandwich?

I didn't call him back.

My second message was from my gay-not gay cousin. Mom had reported that her girlfriend dumped her last week, and the possibility existed that my cousin and my human quaalude aunt would get a place together...according to my aunt. My gay-not gay cousin left a message that she just wanted to gab.

She NEVER calls me.

Mom thinks that maybe she's going to hedge at moving in with me, which sends cold shudders down my spine. The last time we lived together, she moved in her Shamu of a boyfriend (she was not-gay at the time), and all he would do was lounge around the house in his whitie-tidy underwear and eat all the food in the house. On one occasion, I remember looking for my brand new nylons (just bought!) to wear to some event, only to find them tied to her bed frame.

Fortunate for me, my other brother (the cool one) is coming to stay with me for a little spell.

Monday night, I took Mom out to dinner because I wasn't able to take her out on Mother's Day. I gave her a card and a bracelet, and she was happy. Not-cool brother called her on Mother's Day, but mostly to ask about co-signing on a loan with a "Happy Mother's Day" tossed in the conversation. I think it depressed her. My brother can be a thoughtless turd sometimes.

Tuesday, I'm going to clean the house and get it ready for Mom to stay at. I also plan on working on my "To Do List" for The Boyfriend. Need to stop at Lowes for another light fixture. Clean the garage so Mom can park her Jeep in it. Lots to do, so for now I will go back to bed.

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"The D" said...

Could you add mow MY lawn and paint MY house to that list?