Tuesday, May 01, 2007

High on Grass

My friend, Woody, came over this evening because he wanted to mow the yard. That's not a euphemism for anything...he really wanted to mow the lawn. Woody is one of those strange, rare people who have fabulous work ethic, not to mention he owed me for helping him move into his new house while having to deal with some crazy, psychotic bitch who thought I was snaking in on her man...never mind the fact that they weren't even dating. Moving while dealing with raving lunatics is a very hard task because you have to pack things neatly into boxes instead of throwing items at the head of said crazy person...

But I digress...

At any rate, Woody stopped by and I introduced him to the lawn mower. My mower has a two-pull start guarantee. If it takes more than two pulls to start it, I'm supposed to send it back to the manufacturer so they can fix it. I don't think the two-pull guarantee takes into account that some people just can't start a mower because they are big pansies. Woody finally gets the mower to start on the forth pull, after I tell him to put some effort into it.

So, he mows the grass while I watch. This really isn't great entertainment for me, but he was insistent on doing this because he allegedly loves to do yard work. I just move a bunch of items for planting to the back deck, because tomorrow, I'm planting a small garden.

After he is finished, I give Woody a glass of refreshing filtered ice water. We chat about people we knew and used to hang out with, where they have gone. Thankfully, he didn't broach the subject of sex again. I think we've moved past that, or at least, I hope.

Tomorrow, I will be planting my tomatoes so that there will be an abundance of World Famous Fresh Garden Salsa in this house. I may even go looking at more light fixtures, and squeezing a nap in there somewhere.

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