Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today, I took Sam for his haircut. I also went and got my haircut. Not by the same groomer.

My vet's groomer was booked until the Second Coming, so I had to settle on taking him to a local Petco. I take him inside and explain to the groomer what I want done. She starts to tell me that I don't want my dog shaved because he will be hot.

I insist that this is Sam's routine, every summer. I want his fur shaved to a half an inch or less, feather the tail, and just leave longer fur around the face...making him look like a mushroom. This is Sam's summer 'do. This is what we know, and what we like.

I go to get my hair cut by someone who is not the girl who usually does my hair. I haven't been able to get a hold of the girl who does my hair, plus I'm hearing she's recently acquired a coke habit (not the in a glass of ice variety, either). I haven't had a haircut since before the cruise, and all I can do with my hair is wear it up. It's horrible, disgusting, and not fun.

So, I make an appointment with a girl who used to work with the girl who did my hair. The salon has changed since last I've been there. Instead of whimsical, I get paintings of naked women on the walls. Did this turn into a lesbian salon and I wasn't told? The stylist told me they were just showing art from a local artist while he tried to sell it.

Overall, very happy with the hair cut. Happy enough to want this girl to do my hair again. I wish Amy could still do my hair, because she's been doing my hair since she finished cosmetology school. However, I'm particular when it comes to my hair, and a girl's got to have consistency.

After my appointment, I go back to Petco to get Sam. He didn't fare as well with his haircut as I did with mine. It looks like the clipper guard kept popping off their clippers because he's got uneven spots all over his body. They took half the length off his tail fur, and his head? Well...the groomer called it a a lion. To me, Sam looks like he has the biggest double chin I have ever seen. I've been calling him Turkeyneck all afternoon. My reaction is bipolar. I go between bursts of laughter to extreme sadness that he has to live with this haircut for the summer. I know what it's like to have a bad haircut.
Needless to say, I won't be taking Sam back to Petco...ever. Tomorrow, I'm going to call my vet's office and make an advanced appointment for their groomer for sometime in late August.
In a moment of sadness, I took him out and bought him an ice cream cone from the local ice cream shop around the corner from my house.
So, now we are chilling out at home. Him and his new 'do and I in mine. Me and Turkeyneck.


Spyder said...

He looks like a very nice-natured boy. If cut too short they can sunburn. We had a Pyr that I did myself. Her nice pink skin turn very dark. I never did it that short again.

"The D" said...

That top pic. Yea, I wouldn't be sleeping in a house with a dog that looked at me like that. He is definatly giving you the "I'm going to eat you in your sleep" look.

He's definatly pissed at you. And yes he knows how stupid he looks.

pomegranate said...

oh wow. i laughed so hard at this. (sorry, sam) (and that's our cat's name too)

wow, these pictures are fantastic. he looks awesome since his updated cut you did.