Saturday, August 25, 2007

Drama in the Neighborhood!!

Brother smokes like a chimney, but to his credit, he has been adhering to the "no smoking indoors" rule. His favorite place to light up, sitting outside the front door on the porch. Judging from smoking activity of next door neighbor, they also have a "no smoking indoors" rule.

Brother reports that during the first smoke of the morning yesterday, he noticed a strange car parked in front of my house. Brother just sat there, puffing away, when a man came running out of the house caddy corner from me. The man, in various stages of undress, got into the parked car, stared at my brother for a minute, then drove away.

The family that lives caddy-corner from me: a husband, a wife, and two small children.

The man who was observed running from said house was not the husband.

I'll leave it to you to put the pieces together.


Anonymous said...


SmedRock said...

Wasn't me, not this time anyways....

Suzy Soro said...

I'm leaving my comments here as to your surgery et al.

First of all, I'm glad you're ok.

Second of all, send me Versed.

Third of all, as a person who has had myriad surgeries myself, I'm glad to hear you call out the retards who don't listen to the patient.

Fourth of all, why ARE the OR's so bleeding cold?

Heather said...

Cold inhibits growth of organisms. Bacteria have a hard time growing when they are not warm and cozy.

I think there is also something to do with limiting blood loss. Blood doesn't flow as fast on a person who is cold, versus someone who is overheated.

Melinda said...

Your brother has officially become the Neighborhood Watch Guy, usually reserved for retirees. Feed him well so he can continue his vigil and feed your blog. One time on assignment, I found out about an office romance while perusing through people's emails (and yes, it's legal). And one was married.