Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What I Did Today

After Sam woke me up (little fuzzy bastard), I called my friend Trish, who suggested we go have lunch because I was planning on being in the Northland today anyway. Around noon-time, we met at Tomfooleries at Zona Rosa. I never paid that parking ticket I got...not because I was being defiant, but I lost it. It was the size of a little credit card receipt, so of course I was going to lose it!! At any rate, the rent-a-cops never spotted the PT, so I don't know what sort of ramifications come with not paying a $5 fine/donation at an overpriced and over-hyped shopping center.

After lunch, I stopped by Bath and Body works and bought more lip gloss, because a girl always needs lip gloss. I also bought some shower gel that smells like peppermint. That should be an eye-opener next time I jump straight from bed to shower.

Then, I drove to the uniform shop, which was really my entire reason for being in the Northland. My current scrubs are getting faded and worn, and I wanted new ones. I found some I really liked, and bought three sets in three different colors, plus an extra pair of pants. A grand total of $170. I'm going to be the sharpest looking nurse on my floor that ever got barfed on. Guaranteed.
On my way home, my mind wandered to the things that are going on in Heather's Adventure Kingdom. Apparently, one of my good friends I work with was in the next car over from me at a stoplight. She honked, but I wasn't really paying attention, and I never noticed. I feel bad because my head was up my ass. I didn't ignore her on purpose. Sorry, Casey!!!
I'm a little tired, so I think I am going to take a nap now. I'll be going to the gym late tonight. I think tonight will be bike night. I don't feel much like swimming.

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pomegranate said...

I bought that peppermint body wash and it smells amazing but the tingly (cold under hot water) thing is weird. Feels most weird on The Junk.