Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Homecoming!

I'm not a summer person. I hate the heat. It's hotter than Satan's ass after dinner at Dixons (ten points to you if you know what/where that is). The only thing there is to do is just keep inside the nice, cool house, and take a long nap. I just woke up 15 minutes ago.

Brother moved in last night. Well, he's not completely moved in. He just arrived with two bags and his welding hat. Just before getting to my house, the clutch stuck on his truck. If you saw a bald guy who sort of looked like a Nazi, he's with me. He's not a Nazi though...he just looks like one. He's covered in ink, has a long goatee that I've been dying to trim, and he shaves all his blonde hair off because he's "too lazy to actually care for hair". I guess it saves on shampoo.

Mom and Mr. Recommendation came over with a living room set for me, sight unseen. It's almost new, and looks a lot better than what I had. It's probably not would have been what I picked out, but it looks good in the living room, and you can't beat free. Afterwards, we went and grabbed a quick bite for dinner where Mr. Recommendation made a couple jokes and was met with the sound of crickets chirping.

Afterwards, Brother appeared a little unnerved during the ride home.

Brother: What was that ring Mom was wearing?
Me: Uhhh...which hand?
Brother: The left.
Me: Big diamond?
Brother: Yup.
Me: That would be the engagement ring.
Brother: WHAT!?!
Me: Oops. I thought you already knew.

Anyway, guess who had to drag their ass out of bed at 5:30 AM to take him to work? Me!! I made it from my house to the Harley place in less than twenty minutes. We got there before 6:30am, and I went over Brother's tax forms, which is a good thing because he claimed EXEMPT on everything. I made the appropriate corrections because that is what responsible older siblings do. I was a little impressed with the Harley place. They have a big lot right in front of the building where employees who ride their bikes in to work get to park. Rock Stah parking!! So, when average schmuck walks in, they walk through a sea of shiny Harleys and swell with patriotic pride, and a need to buy a Harley of their own. At some point, I may get the motivation to go take a tour of the place for lack of better things to do. They only offer tours in the morning at the buttcrack of dawn, on first come, first served basis.

Tonight, I'm having some coworkers over for dinner and hanging out. Maybe just one coworker will show, which is fine. Brother is already asking which ones are single. It may be too hot to sit on the deck, to sip cold beverages and complain about our jobs, so we will do that inside the air conditioned house.

Maybe someone will end up doing cartwheels in my living room again.


Faith said...

Did I miss the post about why he's now called Mr. Recommendation rather than the Boyfriend? I mean, obviously he's not the Boyfriend anymore...but still. I feel like I missed something. (Could be because it feels like a whole portion of my brain is trying to secede from my head as we speak, but whatever...)

Heather said...

Mr. Recommendation is the nick that Paul gave him. Upon his first visit to my house, everything he said was prefaced with, "If I may make a recommendation..." So much, we were tempted to make it a drinking game.

Jay Arnold said...

Love the blog! Your insight is great. Love your sense of humor.

Xavier Onassis said...

Dixon's Chili? 40 Hwy? President Truman's Favorite Chili joint?

How many points?