Friday, August 24, 2007

Post-Op Day: One

I finally fell asleep around 4am this morning, woke up to let the dog out, went back to bed, woke up an hour later to let the dog back in, went back to bed, woke up around 1pm...still feeling the effects from yesterday's anesthesia. Irritable, groggy, bleh.

Paul (ND!) arrived around 4pm because he is secretly in love with me and wanted to check up on me. He was distraught. After spending the day at work at some sort of inservice, he goes out to his car to discover there's a $100 parking ticket on his window. Parking at our hospital sucks, and employees are supposed to park miles away and bus in, unless you are working nights. Then you get choice parking. It all changes if you have to come in during the day, however. You no longer get choice parking, you have to park miles away and bus in just like everyone else. Periodically, the night folks will try to be sneaky and park where we always park. Some get away with it, and as Paul found out, some people don't. This is the main reason I don't like going to work during the day for meetings or inservices.

Paul and I decide to go find something for dinner, and he drives because Brother has my car, and I am in too delicate a state to drive (according to everyone else). For a quick detour, Paul pulls into the trailer park in hopes of lifting his spirits. We see a late model SUV with two stuffed plush white tigers strapped to the roof, and a mural of lightening bolts covering the back window. I regret leaving my camera at home as it would have made a great pic. Paul tries to get a picture with his camera phone, but a couple on a bike that is not a Harley Davidson (I notice these things now), drive by and eye us with suspicion. They also know we don't belong.

Paul drives us further down the road to a cluster of restaurants and shopping and we see a World Market. I mention I have never been inside, so he whips in the lot. While inside, I find a cool wine rack, not to mention loads of German chocolate. I love me some imported chocolate, and am happy to know I don't have to wait for Kant's sister to go to Germany to get some. Ahhhh. They also carried a ton of Haribo (for those of you gummi fans who know what I'm talking about...)

While we are leaving World Market, Paul asks me if I saw the guy in the Daisy Dukes. I had not, so we linger in the parking lot until he emerges. Eventually, he does and I start waving my hands around, telling Paul to drive closer. He does and we both peer at the strange gangly man in white cut-off shorts so short, I expected his nut sack to pop out and wave hello. He was also wearing little red and white flip-flops that I could have swore met the business end of a Bedazzler. I tell Paul he should try this look sometime, and I would be more than happy than dress up his flip-flops if need be. He tells me he will take this into consideration as he heads to the restaurant of our choice where he makes me eat part of a blooming onion (nasty, slimy thing). After a nice dinner, he takes me home and gets to meet Brother.

Still no kiss at the end of the night. Hmph!

Tomorrow, Mom and Mr. Recommendation want to go to Peachtree for dinner. I tell Paul that I need to go to the gym because everyone insists on taking me out to dinner. Paul yells at me because he says I have no business going to the gym so fresh from surgery. See! Secretly in love with me...

Right now, I've started reading the Harry Potter series all over again for something to do. It's interesting how much crap I missed in retrospect.


Spyder said...

Glad you are out & about. Ever go to City Grounds (coffee shop on Raytown Rd, close to DMV)?

Heather said... it good? I'm always up for coffee shops.

IDigSmartLadies said...

I was doing my usual skim-reading and pinged on Haribo, then read back to someone's sister's sojourn to Germany. My first thought was to reply and tell you to just go to World Market. Then I realized you had..

Ever leave gummies in a hot car? I had some gummy bears in the bottom of rolled up bag. When the summer sun did its thing to them, I ended up with an exquisitely enjoyable gummy log. It was akin to making a crayon of many colors by melting crumbled bits together, taking care not to create a mottled mess of them.

Heather said...

Gummy log? That sounds wrong on many different levels (but tasty).