Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Blather

I've been busy entertaining my visiting friend, Matt, since Sunday morning...which is good because I don't have to think about the fact that my girlie parts are going to have a very traumatic experience later this week.

Monday night, we went out to dinner with Mom and Mr. Recommendation. Brother also came along. We decided on Genghis Khan, and I don't remember why.

While Mom slurped down a drink ending with -rita, various discussions about motorcycles, toilets and bowel habits, masturbating, and bad jokes were touched upon. I also discovered that Brother once cleaned out an ashtray with his tongue for $6.

Today, I took Matt, to see Harry Potter on IMAX, which was playing in Olathe. For those of you who are familiar with the lay of the land, it takes an hour to get anywhere in the Kansas City area. It takes me an hour to get from my house to Walmart, and it's only a mile away.

Anyway, we left early, and being the clever and eager-to-please hostess, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to take him to a BBQ place. I mean, while KC isn't known for having a top-tier sports team, it has to be the BBQ. I decided on Oklahoma Joes because it was close to the theater, plus it has pretty good BBQ. Even though there is BBQ in South Carolina, and apparently they usually make theirs with mustard, it couldn't possibly be as good as what we have here.

During lunch, Matt told me about a BBQ place in his state where the owner is openly racist...with pictures in the restaurant of the guy in his KKK getup. Culture in the southern different from us, and we live in a buffer state.

After lunch, we went over to the theater and got our tickets. They handed us these dorky plastic glasses to wear. There was no disclaimer posted as to how we would know when to wear the glasses, but I had heard someone say that they were not needed until the last part of the movie. I speculated that maybe something would flash on the screen to let us know when to put on the dorky glasses. Matt didn't listen, so he wore his dorky glasses through the entire movie. I somehow managed to stifle my laughter when a little icon flashed at the bottom of the screen. Matt looked at me, still wearing his dorky glasses, and had this smirk that told me that he was aware that he'd just been owned, and could we please not discuss it.

On a side note, the Harry Potter on IMAX was excellent fun...dorky glasses aside. The seventh movie is going to kick ass...providing they don't hire a director that's going to fuck it up.

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