Thursday, August 09, 2007

Update on Heather's Adventure Kingdom

So I went to the doctor yesterday. I saw Nurse Betty and gave her the hairy eyeball. She weighed me and right then I decided it was time for me to start going back to Weight Watchers. I'm also going to start taking Krav Maga lessons.

Anyone care to join in?

Anyway, I was seen pretty quickly by my doctor. She was very good about explaining things to me, and I wasn't so anxious about everything when she was finished. I could still kick Nurse Betty's ass.

So, I get to go in for a LEEP. Probably on a Thursday so I have ample time to recover and only having to miss one weekend of work. Tomorrow, the scheduling people will call me and we'll make an appointment. I'm shooting for the end of this month. My options are to have it done as an outpatient with a mild sedative, or in the operating room where I am knocked out. Judging by how I handled the colposcopy, I think I am going to opt for the knocked out part. It's more expensive, and while I inadvertently picked the crappiest of insurance plans, I do have a supplemental insurance though my hospital that covers anything the insurance won't...which means I won't pay anything. You can't get a sweeter deal than that.

The doctor did ask me about my childbearing plans. No one has ever asked me such questions in all seriousness before. I stammered, "Uhhh, I'm single and ummm, I don't have any kids now. But I don't want to rule that out. Hmmm, I think someday I would like a kid or two."

Doctor tells me it is important to know because everything we do can and may have some effect on me and childbearing. I'll be considered high risk for carrying to full term, a doctor will have to follow me closely, and so much for being a normal pregnant person. I never really considered the idea of having children because I'm not married. Hell, I'm not even seriously dating someone. And I am not the kind of person who will sleep with a random guy and hope I get knocked up. I'm not that kind of girl.

I called Mom and told her everything, playing down as much as I could. She's still pretty anxious, though. Truth is, they caught it early, and cure rate is 100% if you catch it early. After my LEEP, I will have plenty of follow-ups to make sure everything is clear. I also told her about the whole "high risk pregnancy" thing, and lamented that my eggs will more than likely shrivel up before I end up actually having a kid. She then suggested I get artificially inseminated. Scary part: I think she was serious. I don't think I care to be a single mom at this time.
I don't really like dwelling in what is going on, because there are people out there with cancers that are not curable or treatable, and I feel guilty about feeling bad for myself when there are others who are not as fortunate to have my prognosis.

However, let me take this opportunity to remind all the ladies out there to get your regular screenings. Yeah, the whole pap thing is not fun, but there are worse things out there if you don't get regularly scheduled exams. I get exams every single year, and lucky for me, it was caught early. For all you guys out there, remind the women in your life to get exams.

That's all.


Kamizar Pootz said...

I took some Krav Maga when I was in corrections. That is a fun martial art, and will get you into shape too. So Weight Watchers may be a waste of money for a bit. See if this helps first. I was thinking of getting back into it too, because, well I am not as thin as I used to be. PLus this is just up the road from me, which is way cool. Makes the total exhaustion drives that much shorter. :)

Let us know what you wat to do, I will check it out and see if it is wortht the money. The great state of Georgia paid for mine last time.

SmedRock said...

The above would be SmedRock speaking.

pomegranate said...

I wanna.