Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday Schmonday

Brother decided to go in early tonight in an effort to start racking up the overtime. He wants to buy a new transmission of Oprah so that he may finally have reliable transportation, and he can quit borrowing my car. It's starting to annoy me (even though I'm trying to be fair and understanding), and I think he knows it's starting to annoy me. Honestly, I don't really need the car in the middle of the night, but the idea of all those extra miles being put on it makes me cringe. He fills up the tank, and will be getting the oil changed, but still...

I'm trying to be a good sister and not bitch all the time...which would be a first.

Tonight, I grilled this ready-made dinner kit thing I bought at the store. It came with two marinated chicken breasticles, some potato wedges, and a medley of veggies. The tators and veggies were kind of bland, so I plucked some rosemary from my rosemary bushed and tossed it in, which improved the dishes greatly. The chicken was fair only because of my superior grilling skills, and not because of the marinade that came on the chicken. In the end, Brother and I decided it was not the best dinner kit ever, and I would have been better off doing it all from scratch. No more pre-made dinner kits!! They taste like ass.

I also made a buttload of homemade oreos. Actually, I just made the little chocolate wafers. I doubled the recipe in the KitchenAid and now I have a shit ton of chocolate wafers. Tomorrow, I shall make the frosting and put the cookies together. I also found a recipe for pastry-wrapped salmon I am going to try my hand at. Guinea pigs welcome.

So there is a lunar eclipse in about an hour or so. I thought I could stay awake to see it, but I don't think I am going to last. I've seen a lunar eclipse before. I'm not really missing a lot. A big, red moon. Woo. Hoo. I'll just catch the next one...

I think I would probably enjoy sleep more anyway.

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