Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another Blogger Meetup, Winding Down

I almost didn't make it to the blogger meet and greet. Brother announced he had to go to work early, which means he would need to take my car. Deflated, I sat on the couch and pouted until I had an epiphany. Call Mom!! So, I did, and she graciously agreed to picking Brother up and taking him to work. I know Brother is saving up money for the new transmission and all, but this is starting to get old. Everytime I look at the odometer on the car, my asshole twitches.

So, I went to the meetup. Saw some folks I knew, and new bloggers I hadn't met yet. I finally got to meet Kristine. Like two ships passing in the night, we finally got to ram into each other (no homo).

Overall, a good blogger turnout. We covered many varied topics like Faith's suggestion for conversation topic. We also talked about a Halloween party and various costume ideas, the D's craptastic date and his unfortunate problem, and then some general insults were tossed back and forth between the KU-lovers, and the K-State lovers. I'm a Huskers fan myself, so I don't care either way.

Naturally, Tony didn't make it out of his mother's basement to grace us with his presence. Now that he's a bigtime award blogger, he doesn't bother with us lowbrow peons. Had he came to the meetup, he would have been treated to the plentiful far as the eye could see. His loss.

Everyone was also asking where Paul (ND!) was at, because I guess we're a couple...but not really. I'm sure they all wanted to know when he was going to pull his head out of his ass, but I could be mistaken. I've put myself back on the singles market, as it were. So, I guess it would be a moot point.

Many left, and a handful of us stayed and were rewarded for our perseverance when KCSponge popped in. I hung around for a little longer to engage in conversation, but left around 11pm and started for my way home. I stopped at a light when I noticed police lights flashing in the next lane opposite of me. Then I noticed the little SUV they had pulled over. THEN I noticed the two police officers with GUNS DRAWN ordering the guy out of the vehicle. The guy in question, looked at me, I soiled myself, and then sped away as soon as that light turned green.

That's what I get for taking a shortcut through the 'hood to get home.

It was good to see everyone again, and meet the new faces. I'm going to update my blogroll before I go to bed.


Kristine said...

You are so cool. I'm thrilled we finally met!

Jonathan said...

Well even tho I promised myself after Gregs passing that I would hit the next meetup, I literally didn't hear about it till 4 pm yesterday.

Nice review, sounded like fun (even the hood hijinks had me chuckling)

Nuke }:-

emawkc said...

I enjoyed hangin' out with you. Everyone else is lame for leaving early.

KC Sponge said...

I'm glad I only had to hang out with the cool bloggers - I'm always coming late to these things!

Next time, maybe we'll get a chance to chat!