Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday's Musings

So I go into work, and everyone likes the hair color. They think I'm very clever and that I must really love Halloween. I just told everyone that my costume is a candle.


I've been pretty bitchy all weekend. I'd like to attribute it to the fact that the more I think about things, the more pissed off I get. If I could just yell at someone, get it all out, I might feel better. Trouble is, the special recipient of my annoyance would give little more than a shrug or a "blah, blah, blah" (which has been the standard answer to my more serious questions for the past two years)...and that would just piss me off even more.

Instead, I yelled at the surly lady who came and took X-rays of a patient. She's horrible to everyone, so she more than likely deserved it anyway. After I was finished with her, the unit secretary applauded.

Brother has also been the unfortunate recipient of my hostility. He told me I should put my Halloween costume back on so I will be happy again.


Tomorrow night, I get to go to some kitchen show thingie where I get to pre-make 4 casserole dishes with a bunch of other people. We put together casseroles, take them home, and toss them in the freezer until that opportune moment when we really don't feel like cooking.

I'll try to remember to take my camera so I can post pictures of the culinary experience.


Brother was the lucky winner of two tickets to Freaker's Ball this Saturday. He was dropped off at the house this morning around 9:30, when I was hard asleep. Having forgot his house key, he kept pounding the doorbell until I fell out of bed and answered the door. He also broke the doorbell.

Brother showed me some pics he had taken on his camera phone from the event, including some of the more revealing costumes of some of the attendees. One of which being a girl with some see-thru mesh covering her boobs, which everyone could see.

Me: What was her costume? A skanky ho??

Brother shrugged but then went on to say that her boyfriend couldn't figure out why everyone was staring at his girlfriend, wanting to take her picture. Hey, no one ever claimed rocket scientists frequented any event hosted by 98.9. It is well known fact that when The Rock throws a party, trailer parks around the metro completely empty for the night.

Brother likes to go to people watch, and catch the bands...and then there is that thing about hoping to hook up with some skanky ho for the night. What can I say? My brother is a ho himself.


I'm so tired, I think I will go turn in for the day. Maybe if I wake up early, I can put up my one Halloween decoration. I don't know how many trick-or-treaters I should expect. Maybe I should go ask one of the neighbors. I'd hate to run out of candy and wake up to find my big tree covered in toilet paper.

Good night!

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Spyder said...

Hope the brother wears his raincoat with those skanky hoz!