Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday's Musings

I thought I would start this Monday Musings because I usually have a bunch of random thoughts throughout the weekend, but usually don't have the time or the energy to sit down and actually write a full blown post about each and every little thing. Instead, I figured a quick and dirty rundown would suffice.
So I am sitting here at work, waiting for labs on a patient that may or may not be doing poorly. Some people look like crap no matter what. This patient happens to fall in that category. Sometimes the ICU folks send their peeps over prematurely and I end up sending them right back. Sort of like returning a steak because it isn't cooked thoroughly. Meanwhile, I have another patient that is going through the dying process. The family is real great about dramatics or heroics involved. I wish I could spend more time with the family as they maintain their bedside vigil. I really don't mind being involved in this sort of situation. Dying is a very personal experience, and I am honored that I'm trusted enough to be allowed to share in the journey.
Other than that, the entire weekend has sucked. Which means it was an average weekend.
Brother has announced that he will more than likely be purchasing a new transmission for Oprah. Yay!! With any luck, he will have it installed this weekend and I can put my girly car decorations back up in the PT. It's not that I mind Brother driving the car, but the extra mileage makes me cringe. In the month that he's been driving it, almost 2500 more miles have been tacked on.
Three experienced nurses are poised to leave the floor within the next two weeks. Either transferring to other floors or quitting outright. Bosshole still has his head in the sand about why everyone is bailing out, and I suspect the higher ups have no clue as to what is going on as Bosshole has anyone outside the unit snowed by way of thinking that everything is roses and butterscotch pudding. Things should get very interesting by the end of the month...and not in a good way.
Red has put in her two weeks notice at work as she is going to venture into the exciting field of travel nursing. Up until now, I never thought that was an option for me because I have the house. Up until now. Recent developments have illustrated that no one gives two shits whether I stay in Kansas City or not (aside from my mother), so I am also looking into it. Seriously. I'm going to update my resume this week.
Palm Springs, anyone??


IDigSmartLadies said...

Traveling seems like so much fun. I only wish I had done more of it before taking on responsibilities like a wife and kids. I suppose it would eventually be a grind not having a "home" and not having enough time to spend all the beau coup bux you're making, but I can think of worse problems in life than those.

Spyder said...

We would miss you at the blogger gatherings. At least we could still read your blog....

Xavier Onassis said...

"Recent developments have illustrated that no one gives two shits whether I stay in Kansas City or not (aside from my mother), so I am also looking into it."

What is this crap? I've been grooming you for the last two years!

I'm 52 years old, I smoked for over 30 years, I eat red meat, I drink like Jackie Gleason, I don't get any exercise, I have high blood pressure, I have road rage and I don't wear a seat belt.

Eventually, I am GOING to need a nurse! I thought that was going to be you!

But if you think for one minute you are getting within 10 feet of me with that catheter, you are out of your fucking mind! I will take you DOWN!

Melinda said...

I think you should travel to Sarajevo. Ive been sick this weekend and could use some help!! We have a hide a bed. We can put you up!!