Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday's Musings

Feeling blue? Just watch the new featured vid over to the right. Once you get past the first song (I haven't decided if that is a real language or what), things pick up. I'm told I'm going to hell for posting it, and probably in a motorized wheelchair.
Dumbledore gay? Shit...does this mean I need to go through and re-read the entire series AGAIN?? I thought it was an interesting twist. I'd be interested to hear what my other Potter-fan-friends think of this newest revelation.

I read with some excitement that Union Station is getting an exhibit that displays cadavers in various forms. Tony even posted about it on his blog. I find it interesting that so many people are against this, but I'd be willing to bet money those same people are the first to slow down to look at a traffic accident. While the Kansas City exhibit won't be opening it's doors until February, the more widely known Body Worlds exhibit opened up in St. Louis this past Friday.

I've always been interested in human anatomy. Unfortunately, the breadth of my anatomy classes only encompassed that of dissecting sheep brains, hearts and eyes. I was once invited to visit the cadaver lab at University of Biosciences (or whatever they are calling it now). Amazing. Numerous cadavers in various stages of dissection. Nerves, muscles, organs, anomalies.

So, I am planning on attending both the exhibits here and in St. Louis. I'm probably going to pick up an anatomy book that doesn't weigh a ton and take it with me for reference.

Friday night, I had an orientee. Don't get me wrong, I don't ordinarily mind having an orientee to pass along my infinite knowledge in the many different enemas available, but sometimes, I just like working alone. I just stick my head down and try to plow through the shift inflicting the least amount of damage. She seems nice, and smart (always a big plus), but she is still new, and so I had to explain a lot. This was a problem because I started to feel yucky at the beginning of the shift, and got progressively worse as the shift went on.

I decided I felt well enough to report for duty on Saturday night, but I went prepared. I took my own box of tissue with me. The kind that has lotion on it. I thought I would save a few cents and buy the Wally World brand of tissue with lotion, only to realize that it's still crap, and I doubt the only lotion on the tissues is what was printed on the box. I think I have efficiently scraped the first layer of skin off my nose. Next time, no more off-brand. It's Kleenex brand all the way!

On my way home Sunday morning, I stopped by Walmart for some last minute rations: some sinus medicine, Kleenex, normal saline and one of those bulbous sucker thingies so I could try to irrigate some of that crap out of my nose. In the parking lot, a lady approached me and asked me if I had a slim jim as she unfortunately locked her keys in her car.

Dour nurse in scrubs with a bright red nose. Does I look like someone who has a slim jim? Nurse by weekend, boosting cars to supplement my income during the week.

I woke up Sunday so congested and miserable, I had no choice but to call in.

So, I'm not certain what my affliction is. I'm sneezing all over the place (excuse me a moment while I blow off a couple right now...okay, all done). My nose is running, my eyes are dry and on fire, low-grade fever, and I feel like my head weighs 20lbs instead of the average 8. This morning found me in a steaming hot shower trying to irrigate my sinuses with a bulbous sucker thingie. When I blow my nose, I can hear the fluid in my ears. Lovely.

This better clear up by Friday or I'm going to be pissed.


IDigSmartLadies said...

I was privileged to see "Body Worlds 2" when it was in Cleveland a while back. Amazing. Simply amazing. Von Hagens' brought life into anatomy that no number of textbooks, DVD's, and even dissections can. Seeing plasticized cadavers dissected in action poses gives insight and detail that no educational materials can provide. Plan for at least three or four hours, if you want to absorb it all properly.

Faith said...

Why is it that no one else can seem to make a decent tissue? Kleenex is the only one I can trust.

While I do enjoy the feeling of a Puffs tissue, they make my nose break out, and so I cannot use them. Dammit.

Hope you're feeling better soon, sista!