Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hump Day Blather

Someone better call Denver and remind the Rockies to haul ass to Boston. Apparently, they forgot they were in the World Series.

Tonight, I went for my last computer training class for work. Our hospital is going to go to an all-computerized charting system which is set to go live next month. To say that there will a global meltdown the day it goes live would be an understatement. If you hear collective screams coming from there, don't be alarmed. It's just the collective sound of computer rage. Fortunate for me, the go-live date is on a Monday. I won't have to be back at work until the following Friday. Most of the carnage should have taken place by then, so I remain hopeful.

After the class ended, we had to take a competency test, and I passed with a 96% because I'm the shit that way. Put me in front of a computer, and I can pretty much find my way around a system on my own. I'm not getting fat bonuses for being a trainer (they were hand selected by Bossholes housewide and no one asked me), so I'm not going to be volunteering myself too often.

I only have to help the people I like.

As you may have read, I acquired a the dining room table and chairs from XO. That's some damn heavy furniture, I must say. So heavy, that when it was delivered to my house, our collective muscle power only took us to the garage. This week, I have only managed to move the old chairs to the garage, scoot the old table into the living room, and cart the new chairs into the dining room. Brother is currently nursing a sore shoulder, not to mention coming down with the crud, so the table can wait in the garage until he gets better.

If there is one thing I am, it is resourceful. That table will be in my dining room by the end of the week. Pictures will follow.

Tonight, after I got home from computer class, I decided that while I have the car, may as well go to the gym. I started on the treadmill. Sometimes, I say I'm going to start running again, but the minute I try, my reconstructed gimpy knee reminds me why this isn't possible. So, I switched to he bike and pedaled my ass off for 10 miles while listening to the ipod. I love my ipod. What in the hell did I ever do without one??

Now, it's time to turn in. Tomorrow is going to be a productive day.

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