Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blogger Halloween Party Update

So last night was the much anticipated blogger party. I had waffled between Plan A and Plan B, before deciding on Plan B. I put Plan B on and looked in the mirror and decided to go with Plan A anyway. However, I plucked some pieces off Plan B to use with Plan A costume.

For those who didn't go and wondered what I went dressed up as, I was a pirate. Maybe even one of those pirates from that porn movie that was about pirates. Not that I would know about such things...

The outfit was pretty short, so I hoped I wouldn't have to bend over and pick anything up. I didn't get my boots, but I figured that with my hair, no one would notice that I didn't have the boots. I had a hat, and a sword, and a cool necklace that looked like coins, and fishnet stockings.

I arrived at the house of Gone Mild where I was happy to know I wasn't the last person to get there. Most everyone dressed up, and the costumes were great, especially the couples ones. Filegirl brought jello shots that I swore multiplied when no one was watching...sort of like wire coat hangers. By the end of the night, there were thousands of jello shots all over the house. We offered suggestions as to what the Gone Mild house could do with the remaining jello shots: empty all of the cups into the bathtub and wrestle in it, freeze them for another gathering, take them to the library, or hand them out to trick or treaters...or their parents.

Various topics of conversation went from all things naughty to penguin socks. Cheesecake was shared and cleavage as far as the eye could see. Dan's homemade brew went over big, and Brother complained that I didn't bring any home for him to try.

Overall, a good night. It was great seeing everyone again and I'm looking forward to the next meetup.


Kristine said...

So what DID end up happening with the jello shots? Dan said he'd just have them for breakfast today, right? It was so much fun last night - great to see you! You looked so sexy in your RED outfit and RED hair. :)

Melinda said...

Damnit, where are the pictures?