Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This House is CLEAR

This morning, I woke up around 9am. Brother was supposed to have brought me coffee, but a visit to the kitchen revealed no cup of Joe with my name on it. Butthole forgot the coffee! Oh well.

I showered, dressed, and drove to OP to have my one-month-overdue follow up visit with the Dr, who reported that the path report came back clear, so she got everything with her little procedure on Heather's Adventure Kingdom. However, I've decided to keep the park closed indefinitely...not that anyone is interested in visiting anyways. On another happy note, I've dropped 13lbs since my last office visit. Yay! This might explain why my scrub pants kept wanting to fall down this weekend.

On another side note, my pressure was a little high, and when I mentioned that I pulled something in my back this weekend and it still hurts, the good doctor was nice enough to write me a script for some muscle relaxers to take before I go to bed. Woo-hoo! I might actually get a decent sleep since Friday.

I returned home, tricked my cat (Roo) out from under the bed and took her to the vet. She's lost a bunch of weight lately, and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't from something bad. The vet took blood and assessed the old girl, and said he didn't immediately see anything wrong, but the lab results should be ready tomorrow afternoon, and we'll know for sure. For the time being, he suspects that it's all related to the fact that she's getting older and may have an issue that old cats often get. After thinking about it, I realized Roo is 13 years old.

Tonight, I'm going as a sub-in to some dinner thingie at Arrowhead. There's supposed to be a reception, a dinner, a tour of the stadium, and some sort of meet and greet/autograph session with a couple of the Chiefs players. I'm going to take my camera. Hopefully, there will be some good blog-fodder there.

That's all for now. I have to go get ready for my big night out.

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Kristine said...

Good news about the good report from your doctor! :)